Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Topshop’s poplin stripe dress for less


Good news, readers! Remember Topshop's poplin stripe dress? The one we made Dress of the Day a couple of weeks ago, while bemoaning the fact that it was sold out in the red and navy colours we liked best? Well, we managed to find an almost identical design over at Ark Clothing, and as well as being only £24.99, with free shipping, these dresses are available in red, navy, blue and a pink/navy mix.

Not all sizes are still available, unfortunately, but fear not: while out policing our local shopping mall this weekend, The Fashion Police noticed similar dresses cropping up in a couple of different stores, so if you love it, you shouldn't have to look too far to find one. Or, of course, the Topshop version is still selling on eBay, if you fancy your chances.

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