Thicker straps + swooping V-neckline = my vintage dress from …

Comment on Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Matalan do Luella’s ditsy floral prom dress by Victoria.

thicker straps + swooping V-neckline = my vintage dress from my grandma! go me!

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Handbag of the Week: Villador top handle bag with bow
Shoeperwoman’s unexplained obsession with bows has crossed over to here.
This bag has a case of the Frankenstein syndrome – the colour does not suit the design in my opinion.

Lady Gaga: now we REALLY can’t read her Poker Face…
ew? w.t.f. in all its glory!
PS: Please don’t compare this monstrosity to Madonna. We did it with Britney and look at where she is now…

Fashion Ripper Strikes Again: Classic Converse are latest victims
The sad thing is that I know a million people who would wear these :'(

Primark’s Autum 09 Collection: what do you think?
I’m so envious of you UK residents!!! H&M has nothing on this : (

Can’t afford a Louis Vuitton handbag? Oonagh O’Hagen to the rescue!
I would rather put that $80 CND or so into my “Real Louis Vuitton Bag Fund”.

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