Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Matalan do Luella’s ditsy floral prom dress


We gave Kelly Osbourne a gold star when she wore Luella's floral print prom dress last year, and now we're giving Matalan one too, for creating a version of it that's only £25. Doesn't really get much more affordable than that, does it?

This isn't an exact copy, obviously, and quite apart from anything else it has spaghetti straps rather than the short sleeves on the Luella dress, but the print is almost identical, the tulle underskirt is the same, and it's just downright cute. It's also selling out fast: it's already sold out online once, and may or may not still be available by the time you come to read this post, but the Matalan closest to the Fashion Police HQ had lots of these last time we popped in, so it might be a good idea to give your branch a call and check to see if they have it.

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