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Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Christian Louboutin Vs Jessica Simpson


Being a celebrity with a shoe line must be such a cushy number: not only is there no actual design work involved for YOU, due to the fact that you get to employ people to do all the pesky designing for you, it would also appear that there isn't a whole lot of design work involved for the people you employ, either, because they get to more or less copy other people's designs. Sweet!

The first example of this came in the case of Paris Hilton Vs Valentino, a few weeks ago, but now Shoeperwoman has alerted us to another case, this time involving Jessica Simpson's 'Ikina' pumps, which look rather similar to Christian Louboutin's patent moccasins (£360). Differences in the colour and platform sole allow us to easily tell these shoes apart, though, and the Jessica Simpson versions are also available in black, navy and purple, for an even bigger contrast.

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