Proof that a cute scarf should not morph into a …

Comment on Fashion Police for the Boys: Trussardi 1911 Plaid Sneakers by charles.

proof that a cute scarf should not morph into a sneaker. results are horrid!

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Frankenshoes: Marc Jacobs raffia heel sandals
what’s great is that 1) nobody has to see how chipped the bottoms of your heels get & 2) you get a little teepee shelter for the indian in the cupboard!

Daylight Robbery? The $700 shin pads
those are ridiculous! I thought they were press-on nails at first ha! xx

Celebrity Style on Trial: Milla Jovovich and Charlotte Gainsbourg in Cannes
wow that first look is so awful but I really do love her second dress 🙂 It’s so pretty!

John Galliano gives his side of the story
well at least he apologized but really, this whole thing seems completely ridiculous and random. Like out of nowhere! I was so surprised when I read about this earlier today.

Miley Cyrus at the Justin Bieber Never Say Never Premiere
lol! I just don’t think it’s premiere material at all, maybe okay for casual stuff. xx

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