Fashion Police for the Boys: Trussardi 1911 Plaid Sneakers

Forget 1911, Trussardi: these are more like 1992, in the form of a shoe. Remember all of those plaid shirts that came with the grunge movements? Well, imagine one of those shirts shredded, and turned into a shoe. Now imagine all of those shredded bits on the heel trailing through the puddles on a grim day in January. They’ll function a little like a duster, collection stray pieces of dirt and debris, and allowing you to drag them all over town, before bringing them home with you, attached to your shoes. And to think, you’ll have paid $559 for this!

Mind you, it’s possible that we’re being a little harsh on these sneakers. Perhaps you like them. Perhaps they make you feel all warm, and cosy, like the comfortable woolen blanket they appear to be made of.

What DO you think of them, readers? Yay or Nay?

[Buy them here]

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