When I first look atthem I thought it was on …

Comment on Fashion Police for the Boys: Trussardi 1911 Plaid Sneakers by Ana.

When I first look atthem I thought it was on emore case of clothes attached together: I saw and scarf attached to snickers! Maybe for those days when your ankles are cold!

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The World’s Most Expensive Flip Flops
Why instead of selling weird flip-flops he didn’t paint nice one of kind canvas to sell for 18k? If I have 18k to donate, I would rather have a nice art piece than some not-usable-work-of-art-flip-flop in my house. And what keeps me wondering all the time when I see things like this being sold and proceeds going to charity is what percentage of this price really goes to charity?? In this case, I really hope something around $17980.00 would go to charity. But I bet is not the case…

Brooke Burke at the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awards
Totally agree with you!

Pinel & Pinel and the mysterious case of the $547 Havaianas flip flops
Since I’ve been living in USA for so long I thought to check the Brazilian website for the prices (http://www.loja.havaianas.com.br/sandalias/femininas/c1578+c1581+p1.html). The prices are in reais which, right now, are around 2.00 US dollars so you can see how much cheaper they cost there. I think I’ll start to bring some pairs from brasil and re-sell here ;-P

BTW, Melissa is also a Brazilian brand that used to made plastic shoes for little girls in the 80ths. Now they are fashion and expenive even for Brazilian 🙁

Pinel & Pinel and the mysterious case of the $547 Havaianas flip flops
I’m from Brazil and Havaianas are from Brazil as well. Let me tell you a funny story. In Brazil, till mid-90, Havaianas were flip-flops used by the poor. They had soles that were white on top and the bottom of the sole and the thong had a color. The TV add had a comic character from a famous Brazilian comedian, and this caracter was a drunk soccer player. Then, they came up with a new design where the whole flip-flop was one color and they put famous and pretty Brazilians actors/actress/musicians/top models to play in the adds. Boom, everybody wanted one and they became fashion!!

They are way cheaper there, at least the basic one color model (probaly la little less than US$10.00). The ones with some design are also not that expensive. But last time I was there I wanted to buy one with a little adorable brooch with cristal applied on the thong but then the price was around US$40.00!! I thought it was ridiculous so I din’t buy them. And they were way prettier than these one you posted here.

I also have to say that make something out of crocodille sking and give the procedures pro Greenpeace is like selling real fur and then give the procedures to PETA. Does no make any sense!

Ugly Prom Dress Alert: Spare Ribs
It looks like a bally dancer costume!

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