Fashion Police for the Boys: Rodarte for Opening Ceremony lace suit

Lace isn’t a fabric you tend to see a lot of in menswear, but of course, there’s absolutely no reason why that should be the case. After all, we women get to wear whatever we like, so why should men be any different?

Our issue here, then, isn’t with the fact that the suit is made from lace. Indeed, we’re sure there are many occasions where a lace suit is just the thing. We just can’t seem to think of any at the moment. (Feel free to suggest some, though.)

No, our main concern here is that we can’t quite work out whether those pants are lined. Sometimes we think they are:

Exhibit A: Lace pants, possibly lined

That looks like a scarp of white lining at the knee, doesn’t it? Can you see it? And if there’s lining at the KNEE, why, then it stands to reason that there must be lining everywhere else. Whew!

Then again, sometimes we think the pants may NOT be lined:

Exhibt B: Butt cheeks, possibly bare

Yeeees. Not looking so certain now, is it? And here’s the thing: even if those pants ARE fully lined, and that bare butt we think we can see is but a figment of our over-active imaginations… Other people will think they see it too, won’t they? People in real life, we mean. And every time you walk into a room wearing your spiffy new lace suit, there will be just one question on everyone’s mind.

And it won’t be, “Hey, is that Rodarte for Opening Ceremony?” either. Well, maybe. We guess it depends where you work.

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