Fashion Police FAQ: Personal taste and not taking it personally - Fashion Police

fashion police blog FAQQ: I bought a dress/pair of shoes/handbag/whatever and then I looked at your site and you were describing it as a crime of fashion. Now I’m really upset!

We’re very sorry that you’re upset. We don’t set out to cause offence when we write about the things we consider “fashion crimes” and we actually try to word our posts quite carefully in order to make it clear that these are merely our personal opinions. Remember, we’re not a REAL police force: it’s just pretend, and ultimately we’re just random strangers on the Internet who happen not to share your taste on a particular item of clothing. Try not to take this personally: we’re not writing about you, we’re not always right, and ultimately, why should you care what we think? You probably look great in your dress/shoes/whatever, and we bet we have lots of clothes that you wouldn’t like, either. 

(We also bet there are items of clothing you don’t like either, and that you’ve expressed those opinions to someone, at some point or other. We’re all have our opinions, and that’s all they are: there’s no “right” or “wrong” when it comes to personal taste!)