Fashion Police FAQ: Have I been banned? - Fashion Police

fashion police frequently asked questionsQ: I posted a comment and it didn’t appear. Have I been banned?

Maybe. We don’t often ban people from commenting on the site, but if you’re someone who’s broken the comment policy repeatedly in the past (or you share an IP address with someone who has), and posted either spam or abuse on the site, your IP address may have been banned.  Sorry.

On the other hand, sometimes perfectly genuine comments don’t appear because our spam filter gets a little over-enthusiastic and flags comments as spam when they’re not. This generally happens if you’ve used a word like “porn” or something similar in the comment, but sometimes it happens for reasons that aren’t clear to us, either. We check the spam folder most days and if a genuine comment has been caught there we will publish it. However, if your comment hasn’t appeared after a couple of days and you don’t know why, email us and we’ll check it out.