NO. that is both wrong and implausible. why would anyone …

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NO. that is both wrong and implausible. why would anyone wear that?

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Glossary: UK and American English fashion terminology explained
In South Africa we have man of the same ones, but we also refer to trainers, plimsoles, sneakers, whatever as “takkies”.

Ask The Fashion Police: Which single item of clothing would you ban?
You know that part in Mary Poppins, where they go into the chalked up paving stones and Dick van Dyke’s character dances with the penguins?
Well that is what Harem pants and anything with a dropped crotch make me think of. What I can’t figure out is why anyone would want to make it look like their legs are SHORTER, I always thought that long legs were supposed to be an attractive trait.
But then again, maybe they are comfy.

Return of the Shress: Seamless lace dress from Bebe
If it were plain opaque black then I’d wear it, and if it were just a few inches longer, i love the shape of it.

Style on Trial: Alice + Olivia Francesca Feather Skirt
nay, nay and one thousand times nay.
How is this much better than fur?
Very impractical (but it is kinda pretty, only to look at though, wouldn’t ever wear it)

Crime of Fashion? Boohoo military camouflage print dungarees with army badges
Don’t hate me for saying this, but I kinda like them. I would never wear them, but they kind of suit the model, only the model. If i saw one of my friends wearing them I would have to intervene.

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