Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is?


As we've said before,The Fashion Police are always deeply distrustful of items of clothing/accessories that can't be instantly identified. If it's a skirt, say, we want to be able to SEE that it's a skirt, and not mistake it for a handbag. And if it's a handbag, but it looks like a tuna fish, we're probably going to be alarmed.

With that in mind, we now ask you to play Fashion Police Detectives with us, and identify the item you see above. All we'll tell you is that it IS a fashion item of some kind: but what is it?

Place your guesses in the comments box, and check back later when all will be revealed!

EDIT: The answer has now been posted under the jump, so read on and all will be revealed…

And the object is………


A collar! For wearing around your neck:


And it's pretty big, too:


 It's also on the expensive side, but if you want it (and we guess it would make a good head rest if you're having to fly somewhere), you can buy it here.

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