An uneven bra or a weird headband are my guesses. …

Comment on Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is? by Kathleen.

An uneven bra or a weird headband are my guesses.

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Red Carpet Watch: Fashion Police at the 2009 Emmys, Part 1
Hayden is such a cute girl, but she often picks dresses that make her look WAY older than her 20 years. She should celebrate her youth while she’s young!

Knitted Ugg boots return for Winter 2009
I think Waldo from “Where’s Waldo?” would like the stripey pair. 🙂

I saw a fairly fashionable gal wearing a gray version of these on the subway the other day. Never though I’d see them in the flesh, but there are people buying them…

River Island’s maternity sequin harem pants: for pregnant fashion criminals
Wow, those are heinous. Who would actually buy that?

Red Carpet Watch: Sienna Miller, Anna Wintour et al at the screening of ‘The September Issue’
Cassie is such a pretty girl, but I still can’t get over how she shaved half of her head. It is not cute.
Vera Wang is looking good here. I can only wish my legs would look that good when I get to be her age!

Rick Owens Fur Toad Bag: possibly the ugliest bag of the year
That purse is absolutely hideous! Who would buy such a thing, and for 660 euros at that?

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