I agree with the rest of the forum when i …

Comment on Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is? by andrea.

i agree with the rest of the forum when i say it absolutely has got to be a darn bra!

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Kate Spade’s ‘Book of the Month’ clutch bag: bringing new meaning to the term “book bag”
I absolutely adore these! As a little literature nerd, these are absolute love. Thanks for posting!

Taylor Momsen in “Tip Jar” hooker heels
Man, what does this tell you? Has it really gotten this bad? The state of the economy is so low, that Taylor Momsen has only had a $1 tip in her stripper heel. We must fix this now before it gets out of hand. Somebody tip in a quarter or something!

Not flattering on the figure.

You know your movie’s bad when Amber Rose shows up to the premiere! ROFL

What does your skirt length say about you? These tights have the answer…
You forgot “dangerous!” :]

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