I was thinking about a hair bow, but know that …

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I was thinking about a hair bow, but know that I watch it closely, I believe it’s a dress.

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Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is?
It’s original and I don’t think it’s that bad as a collar but.. 153€!!! No, thanks.

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THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?
I think that the first T-shirt is ok but when I saw the second one before I read what you wrote I immediately thought about violence against women. I suppose it wasn’t intended, but that’s what I read there and, honestly, I don’t find it funny and I wouldn’t buy it or like to see my boyfriend wearing it.

Cleavage: How Much is Too Much?
Yes, Lindsay Lohan is crossing that line. I have big boobs and I always try to be careful about my cleavage, not only because people may look at that part of my body only, but also because I don’t think it’s nice that you’re talking to someone and that person can’t stop thinking: “Look her in the eyes, in the eyes!”

Modelling is Hard: Bearded Edition
The first picture of the group of three pictures is simply disturbing.

Frankenshoes: Wood Platforms by Sca_Ulven
I would really like to see someone “walking” on “that”.

Celebrity Style on Trial: Katherine Heigl’s Western look
I love the blouse, but I hate fringes, and that belt… I’d say she’s guilty.

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