Bra? Mickey-Mouse style headband? Crikey – not a pair of …

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Bra? Mickey-Mouse style headband? Crikey – not a pair of nipple pompoms, surely?

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Sheer Coat by Mariella Burani: pretty or pointless?
*Cackles* Where’s me see-through plastic flasher-mac when you need it?
I too thought of medics on looking at the photos; it must be the cut or the desultory hang of the cloth.
It looks like it is made out of cheap material. It isn’t stiff enough to hold shape. Organza (spelling?) would have been a better fabric perhaps.

CFDA Awards 2009: Molly Sims in Dolce & Gabbana’s Marilyn Monroe print dress
Yeah, I’m a bit with Belle on this one. Perhaps it’s that the concept (grinning female face on clothing) has now been peddled across the board right down to the cheaper shops.
Mind you, how confident would you need to be about your own beauty to be able to face-off against a larger than life size print of Marilyn Monroe on your skirt, hogging the attention?
I do like the pouffiness of the skirt, and the diagonal cut to it.

Unsolved Mysteries: Evil Genius Cowl Back Tunic from Urban Outfitters
I’m usually crap at 3-D/spatial-awareness tests, but I’ve just had a bit of a brainwave over the above garment.
What if the drooping back piece was pulled up and forwards, over the model’s head: then it would transform into the t-shirt as you see in the photo on the right, but with an additional draped cowl feature down the front.
Nothing Evil Genius about it though, more like Left Unfinished at the Factory. Unless it is a tie-in with the “Transformers” movie sequel.

Louis Vuitton leather band aids: for the fashionably wounded
You know, they look quite eye-catching and classy with that matte finish.
“Price on request” though….I’ve only ever seen that on magazine spreads featuring gob-stopper jewellery.

Unsolved Mysteries: “Sleeve Shirt” Napkin by Marcella Foschi
Do you think this could be some sort of little visual punning device? Like, some slatterns would use their sleeve to wipe their mouth in the absence of a napkin or tissue (not myself, of course). So, this piece of cloth gives the jokester the option of doing *just that*, whilst still being within the bounds of good taste.
Oh, my aching sides.

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