Maybe a handbag? …

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Maybe a handbag?

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Modelling is Hard: Maison Martin Margiela edition
The worst part is that the jeans are way higher in the back than in the front. You can see it here on the product picture
Why would anyone want that jeans?

Heidi Goes High Fashion: Introducing the Designer Dirndl
Oh wow. As a German I saw quite a lot of those in several department stores. And the ones here… well, they look like the dirndls for little girls. The cheap ones. They are designer dirndls, they should not like 20€ girl dirndls.
I haven’t bought a dirndl so far; I did not visit a big Oktoberfest, so there simply was no need. But I tried on some for fun and they look really nice on basically everyone. And makes a great cleavage.

Style on Trial: Madonna in Marchesa at the W.E New York premiere
The jewellery seems to be a bit out of place, but the dress is just gorgeous. And it is just in so far “age appropriate” as a young woman would look simply silly in it, but on Madonna it looks classy and a bit femme fatal. I really like the look.

Style on Trial: Rooney Mara at the premiere of The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo
The dress would be so lovely if the lower part would be just a normal, ankle length skirt.

Style On Trial: Alain Quilici ‘Payson’ skate lace-up booties
How could someone take such a nice boot and put such an ugly heel and platform under it? Crime. No boot deserves such a heel.

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