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Fashion Crimes of the Week: Suspect’s Roundup
I have a pair of leg wraps. I bought them at a hardware store. I use them When I paint murals. I had no idea I was so trendy.

Petite plus size clothes: where to find them
I’m a plus sized woman, if not a petite one (I’m 5’9) and even though I’m apparently the right size for plus sized brands the sizing and fit is still a nightmare. First off, there is no standard sizing. This is true at lower sizes also but for plus sizes I can wear anything from an 18 to a 26 depending on the item of clothing, sometimes in the same brand. Many plus size tops are cut like a square, they have no shape what so ever. Also, there is the matter of breasts. As a large plus sized lady I am very well endowed and a style that looks modest on a slimmer person does not look the same on me. There seems to be no middle ground. Many other styles sold are dowdy and unattractive to the plus size figure. The best solution I’ve found is to have a local seamstress make me dresses and skirts.( I use http://www.etsy.com/shop/bettyfloored?ref=pr_shop_more) It’s a bit pricy but at least they are quality and they FIT!

Jennifer Lawrence goes for gold at The Hunger Games premieres. Both of ’em.
I think she looks amazing in both dresses but I actually prefer the cutout one

Wanted Wednesday: High Street Edition
I love the turquoise

Redefining ‘Sexy’ Fashion
The second one is fine for bedroom use. I mean, who am I to judge in that er…area. As long as it doesn’t leave the bedroom.

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