I was thinking a headband too. Perhaps a ridiculously large …

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I was thinking a headband too. Perhaps a ridiculously large and ugly brooch?

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Kim Kardashian defends ‘Mom jeans’
DEFINITELY not mum jeans. My life is a never ending search for nice high-waisted jeans. I HATE hipsters, I hate having to pull my pants up every time i sit down, stand up, walk up stairs…you get the point. No matter how many pairs of hipsters I try, or how expensive they are, my butt always tries to escape.

The shape of skirts to come? Pannier skirt from River Island
I don’t think i really need the extra emphasis on hips. But, maybe this will solve my problem of trying to find a high waisted pencil skirt that fits at my waist and my bum/hips!

Topshop make sweet handbags. Literally.
They’re cute. I think I’d like them better in different colours…these colours don’t really scream “sweets/lollies” to me. I particularly just don’t like metallic

Fashion Police Fraud Squad: Forever 21 Vs Doctor Martens
I love my Docs. And I’ve been drooling over that hot pink pair for quite a while. Though I think I’d definitely go for the cheaper version in this case, knowing i wouldn’t get much wear out of them

Seasonless Dressing: do you do it? (Alexa Chung and Kelly Osbourne do)
Living in Australia, I never wear tights in summer! I pretty much live in dresses and shorts and tshirts. Although at my old work the air con was ridiculously cold so I did sometimes where tights. In normal circumstances, never! It’s too hot for even jeans somedays

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