A very strange bra, very handy if one boob is …

Comment on Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is? by M.

A very strange bra, very handy if one boob is a lot bigger than the other?

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CFDA Awards 2009: Molly Sims in Dolce & Gabbana’s Marilyn Monroe print dress
Oh, I would love to own that dress (worn by Molly) I guess I have to settle for a Marilyn Monroe umbrella….

Daylight Robbery: Balmain’s £532 belt
Looks more like a dog collar

Strange Swimwear: Beach Couture’s double bikini bottoms
Sorry, can’t unconfuse you – at first I thought: “well, this is just a basic black bikini?”. Looks strange, but I’ve seen worse: the horrible jeans WITH something that looks like jeans thong attached to it. (I think I’ve seen here some place..)

Style on Trial: Emporio Armani jersey stretch swimsuit
Ugly, kinda looks like a weird short version of the gown that Leann Rimes wore during the MTV awards recently.

Red Carpet Roundup: Celebrity Fashion at the MTV Music Awards
Apparently Kristen had hurt her ankle – that’s why she wore flat shoes. I’ve looked at some other pictures of her, she looked a bit uncomfortable – almost like she didn’t really want to be there.

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