A tube top of some kind? i thought a bag …

Comment on Fashion Police Detectives: Guess What It Is? by lola.

a tube top of some kind? i thought a bag or a purse at first, but it seems too obvious 😛

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Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now?
Long, oversized red jumper, black tank top and black leggings. It’s a lazy day for me haha 😀

Impostor Alert! The Scarf Boot
I’m not so keen on the first picture, but I actually quite like it when it’s rolled down. It’s quite fun 🙂

Ugly Shoes: Benny Four Eyes from Office
If it weren’t for the fact I have these in plain blue, I’d probably have bought these. I like that whole granny-style-thing though.

Christie’s $959 lingerie set: worth it?
You’re not alone. I actually think it looks really cheap.

Wear or Die: Tall and All printed hipster pants edition
I think it would have to be the purple pair. The others look like pyjamas. And maybe if I stuck a pair of platform boots with the purple ones people might think I was on my way to a 70s themed fancy dress party. Or doing it for charity or something. Maybe.

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