I’m going to say a necklace …

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I’m going to say a necklace

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Dress of the Day: Stop Staring ‘Delicious’ dress in pink
I really don’t like that front pleat. But other than that its ok.

Red Carpet Watch: The Teen Choice Awards, 2009, Part 1
When did Kat go blonde? I prefer her as a brunette.
I don’t know who Audrina Partridge is but I love that dress and those shoes.

Red Carpet Watch: Teen Choice Awards 2009, Part 2
Wow! All my least favorite people in one post! (Except for that Sophia girl. She looks really cute.)
I second that!
Minus Leighton Meester. Love that dress 🙂
But Miley looks like a tramp. Disney formed – no talent – garbage that she is.
Yes a little hateful. But I cannot stand these little daughter of a star making it big because they have money.

Rick Owens Fur Toad Bag: possibly the ugliest bag of the year
Minks are gorgeous creatures…
How could you wear one?
Makes me sad 🙁
Why did they have to die to become such a hideous fashion item.. 🙁

Dress of the Day: All over sequin dress from Oli
I’ve had a dress like this – under arms will get mighty chafed

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