A purse? …

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A purse?

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Five Fashion Bloggers, One Full Skirt
I love the first outfit! If I had this gorgeous skirt, I would wear it with a red top, it is my favourite combination, although it is a little bit Christmas-ish. For the a more spring look, I would probably chose a pale pink top.

The Cleavage Question: Aqua Bandstand Plunge Neck Open Back Pencil Dress
Wow. Wow and not in a good way. That’s really too much.

Dress of the Day: ASOS Skater dress with kiss print
Wow! I want it!

More amazing footwear by Kobi Levi
The Sharks are my favourites!

Chewbacca called: he’d like his leggings back…
I can totally imagine fashionistas “rocking” these :))

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