Fashion Police Detectives: Guess what it is?


  Remember earlier this week, when we told you about the "Guess What It Is Test" used by Fashion Police detectives as the first step in determining whether an item is a crime of fashion?

The item above failed that test.

Now we turn to you, dear readers, to help answer the question: What in God's name is that? We can reveal that the item in question is something you can wear, but can you help solve The Mysterious Case of the… Thing. With the, er, thing?

Leave your guesses in the comments box, and remember to check back soon to find out the answer!

Edit: the answer is now below the jump!

Aaaanndddd it's a …. HAT! Yes, it's a tulle hat! Does this picture make it any clearer?


 Um, no, we didn't think so. You can watch the "tulle hat" revolve through 360 degrees at Luisa Viaroma, and see if all becomes clear, and if you want to buy it it's 182 euros from the same site.

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