A black, lightweight cardi from American Eagle; a grey tank …

Comment on Fashion Police Checkpoint: What are you wearing right now? by Diandra.

A black, lightweight cardi from American Eagle; a grey tank with a sunset print from Pacsun; white studded gladiator-style flip-flops, also from Pacsun; and classic blue skinny jeans, from American Eagle.
I am just about to change into shorts though, lol!

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Underwear as Outerwear: the Venus bustier
I would TOTALLY wear this! …..if it was a swimsuit.

Wear or Die: Ugly Dress Edition
The black Margiela, at least it wouldn’t look like my flesh is dripping off 0_o

The ghostdress is kind of cool, but I’m REALLY not a fan of nude colors that can be mistaken for skin, I just think they look ghastly! (ha, ha)
At least the black cutout one looks /kind of/ artsy!

Style on Trial: Toe cleavage
Ugh, I absolutely hate toe cleavage! It’s one of the worst faux pas in my opinion!
It makes you look uncomfortable and like your shoes don’t fit, even if they really do.

Celebrity Style on Trial: Kristin Cavallari at the premiere of ‘Salt’
I like the dress, and the outfit is OK, but I don’t like it on her really. I don’t think it suits her; I feel like she wore it because she wanted to look trendy, not because she really liked it. As a result I think she looks stiff and forced. Plus I wish she had worn her hair up; it bugs me so much when people wear tops or dresses with detail at the shoulder, then have their hair covering it or distracting us from it.
I like the way Rihanna wore it much better!

Case Closed: Alexa Chung wears YSL’s slashed bermuda shorts
I like the shorts, and I actually like her outfit.
But I kind of agree with people asking why is she considered a “fashion icon”? I don’t think her style is very elegant, she always looks awkward, not effortless; and I don’t think her style is especially unique, I don’t think that’s a bad thing, but still, what’s so special about her?

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