Fashion Police at the ‘Water for Elephants’ premiere: Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu

It’s Reese n’ Rob!

These two took to the red carpet this weekend for the premiere of their new movie, ‘Water for Elephants’. Reese Witherspoon wore Jason Wu (or one of his dresses, rather. If she’d worn Jason himself, that would’ve been weird. And probably illegal.)

Robert Pattinson, meanwhile, wore a dark suit. GOD, it must suck to be a man in Hollywood, no? “What’ll I wear to my new movie premiere? Oh. A dark coloured suit. Again.”

We like Resse’s sparkly sandals:

As for the other celebrities in attendance, Nicole Murphy went for a floor length silk gown…

And Julia Styles choose shapeless green, clearly favouring the “forgot mah pants” look. Interesting.

What do you think?

[All images: Diane Cohen/Fame Pictures]

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