I wasn’t suggesting that you shopped them. I just got …

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I wasn’t suggesting that you shopped them. I just got the feeling that all the legs looked…. odd (I’m not trying to say anything mean about the celebrities either). I’m just going to put it down to some kind of perspective trick, you know, like when you’re mind is convinced that a word looks spelled wrong when it’s not.

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Fashion Police at the Video Music Awards 2010
Is it just me or has every set of bare legs been photochopped?

Brownie points for Miranda Cosgrove and Emma Stone for embracing the pale.

Cher is reliving “If I could turn back time” phase?

And my favourite dress of the lot has to be the McQueen

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THOSE Topman shirts: offensive or not?
Yeah I get it’s adoscelent humor. But in that case keep it for the teenagers, not the production line.

As for the red one, I wasn’t thinking domestic violence, UNTIL I saw the lst two options, then, for me at least, it definitely became an abuser’s excuse list

Heels are a fashion faux pas in the office, says survey. What do you think?
Well I check 7 boxes out of 10 on the list, and still work in an office.

If you’re going to enforce a dress code at work, wouldn’t it just be easier to implement a uniform and be done with it?

Style on Trial: Hipster/Nerd glasses
Back in my day being a nerd at school meant taking double maths (hard maths and extra hard maths), biology, chemistry and physics, (Why yes, I actually did all those classes), and being able to recite from memory every line from both the Delirious and Raw videos by Eddie Murphy (…though that could have just been my school).

See how big black frame glasses are missing from that description?

I don’t have a hard and fast opinion on this one, since I just don’t wear any glasses, my vision is fine and my ears are actually not evenly placed, wearing any glasses/sunglasses only serves to make my entire face look lopsided

I’d probably use the same rule of thumb as with any other piece of fashion. If someone is wearing them in a way that actually suits them, then fine, but if they’re being worn purely out of fashion victimry then no. Because really, isn’t wearing thick frame glasses because it’s hipster no different to wearing shants because it’s designer?

The Urinal Dress by the Rodnik Band
And the implications that the designers were going with were…?

Sarah Jessica Parker: taking tips from Cheryl Cole’s hair stylist?
Oh SJP No!
I really don’t think that haristyle suits her face at all. Sure, while it’s fun to experiment with hairstyles, if I were her I would’ve looked at the final result in the mirror and gone “No, that doesn’t work, let’s take it out and go with something else that does.”

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