Fashion Police at the European Premiere of ‘One Day’

The One Day wagon rolled into London this week, and here are Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess having a good laugh at Anne’s Yorkshire accent in the film.

Nah, we’re just kidding: we know she’s had a lot of stick for it, but we haven’t actually seen it yet, and, well, we’re not from Yorkshire, so who are we to judge? We’ll just stick to the fashion, then, and say that we think Anne is looking rather lovely in this Alexander McQueen dress. We know some of you are probably surprised by that, because she is, of course, wearing a tablecloth. There is that. And it’s a sheer tablecloth, at that. (A shablecloth?) But, you know, here’s the thing: if you can wear a tablecloth, and you can look good in a tablecloth, then more power to you, basically. It worked for Scarlett O’Hara and her curtains, so why not Anne Hathaway and her shablecloth? Exactly.

Also going for the “It Could Be Curtains” award was Peaches Geldof:

Peaches Geldof

The Daily Fail had a pop at Peaches for being “too skinny” in this dress, which automatically makes us want to defend her, because we hate body snarking, and we hate the Daily Fail. We’ve been looking at the dress for, ooh, five whole minutes now, though, and we just can’t decide what we think of it, so we’ll leave it to you.

Also down to you: the judgement of the rest of the celebrities in our gallery. Have fun!

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