Fashion Police at the Celebrity Big Brother Launch



We’re not sure if any of our readers watched the launch of Celebrity Big Brother in the UK yesterday, but The Fashion Police tuned in, purely for research purposes, you understand. Obviously any fashion crimes committed in the house are already incarcerated and are, frankly, being punished enough, but our favourite moments included:

  • Jedward allowing us to finally close the case on the “Who actually wears Jeremy Scott for Adidas?
  • Pamela Bach-Hasselhoff barely able to walk in her Carvela ‘Glam’ platforms.
  • Kerry Katona channelling Brigitte Nielsen (hey, we’re not saying she did it well…)
  • Tara Reid’s struggle to understand what the hell anyone was saying. “Kerreh?”
  • The crowd booing ‘Mr Paprazzi’ Darren Lyons. Come on, you’re at the Celebrity Big Brother launch: abandon the moral high ground all ye who enter here!
  • Lucien Laviscount: we wish more men dressed like this.
Take a look at our gallery, and tell us what you think!
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