Fashion Police at the Burberry Serpentine Gallery Summer Party: Portia Freeman

If Alexa Chung was ready for the office at the Burberry Serpentine Gallery summer party, it looked like Portia Freeman was more or less ready for the beach, in what looks a lot like a swimsuit n’ sarong combo. Just get rid of the heels and she could be strolling along the sand in no time!

Now, there are two schools of thought about this type of look. One is the “if ya got it, flaunt it” argument, which basically states that if you have great legs (and she does) and you feel like flaunting them in a body suit with very little else, why you go, girl! Do it! Just grab the curtain off the shower and sling it around your waist before you go.

The second school of thought says that a leather bathing suit does not count as “clothes”. Not even with a sarong.

Which school of thought do you subscribe to?



  • June 30, 2011


    I don’t even find this outfit to be particularly flattering for someone wanting to flaunt their assets. The sarong section makes her waist and hips look thicker than they actually are, and – as is the case with many women that wear something strapless – the bust section hangs awkwardly and creates the (inaccurate) impression that her breasts sag. And… this is a pet peeve of mine, but I don’t suppose everyone else cares as much – if you’re going to wear something that exposes your shoulders, PLEASE have good posture!

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  • June 30, 2011


    I wouldn’t wear this outfit in a million years, but each to their own… If we’re putting her on trial for crimes against fashion, then I’d have to call her guilty though.

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  • July 1, 2011


    I LOVE it! I couldn’t wear it anywhere but in my fantasies, but I think it’s freaking cool.

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