Fashion Police at the 68th Annual Golden Globes: the rest

Just in case yesterday’s Golden Globes gallery wasn’t quite enough for you, here are a few of the celebrities we didn’t catch up with yesterday:

Jennifer Love Hewitt, that’s one hell of a crumb-catcher:

Carrie Underwood:

So far this selection is making us feel a bit like we’re at a very posh mass wedding.

It must be a complete bummer when you turn up at an awards ceremony and realise that so many other people went with the same colour of gown, mustn’t it? (Yes, people who wore green, we’re looking at you…) One long white gown tends to blend into another after the third photo, but Dianna Agron still looks absolutely gorgeous, no?

Elizabeth Moss was part of the “lets all wear green” brigade. Looking good on it, though.

Not the best photo, unfortunately, but Eva Longoria Parker always does Dramatic Long Black Gown very well.

And it goes without saying that Helena Bonham Carter does “Look, I’m so wacky I’m wearing mismatched shoes!” very well, too. Or as well as can be expected, anyway.


We don’t even know what to say about Michelle Williams. Your thoughts?

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