No time for finding a gown – and she ransacked …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2011 Oscars: Melissa Leo in Marc Bouwer by Sandra.

No time for finding a gown – and she ransacked Ikea’s curtains department?!

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Ask the Fashion Police: Wearing black to weddings, stockings with sandals and other frequently asked style questions
In Italy, wearing black to a wedding is an absolute no-no. It is considered to be rude, and also typical of a non-educated person who thinks black is very elegant and appropriate. It is, of course, just not for a wedding.
Same goes for white, just for the obvious reason – the bride is the only one wearing that.
I see lots of American weddings with people in black, I guess the movies “helped” the black cause too.

Dress of the Day: Dollydagger 50s style Scarlet Dress
OH MY GOD!!! Amber, I bought this dress on friday and wanted to tweet you about it :-))))
Even in Milan, I couldn’t find something that gorgeous without spending at least 7 times that price. So it will be The Summer Dress, they shipped it today and I want the matching petticoat too for more drama!!

Fashion Police at the 2011 Oscars: Marisa Tomei
Zero bust in a all-about-the-bust dress, did it all descend into her stomach!? Fail, epic fail, together with the hair.

Fashion Police at the 2011 Oscars: Helena Bonham Carter
Trix, well, she should care, otherwise she should do another job. However, I don’t require that she cares, just saying she’s always borderline embarrassing on the red carpet.

Fashion Police at the 2011 Oscars: Natalie Portman
The color is great. A classy pregnant, glowing girl. As long as she doesn’t laugh out loud or make remarks about her boyfriend “totally wanting to sleep with her” 😀

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