If the dress were a touch longer and the shoes …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Carey Mulligan in Prada by bb.

If the dress were a touch longer and the shoes a bit more delicate the full effect would be much better. Also she needs to be more confident, she looks like she is trying on swimsuits with a critical friend.

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Annette Benning at the 2011 BAFTA Awards
I wrote the above a bit awkwardly, I think the look IS age appropriate. Exchange the “but” for “and”. “The look is nice, elegant *and* age appropriate.” And by age appropriate I don’t mean she is covering her body, I mean she is going with a classy look vs the trashy Britney Spears look.

Sophie Ellis Bextor at the Elle Style Awards
She works it well but I think the shoes are a bit heavy.

Isla Fisher at the ‘Rango’ premiere
A lot of people have been bashing this dress on the web but it totally suits her. Very spunky and young, not too short and the cut flatters her figure. She looks great in it.

Helena Christensen at the Elle Style Awards
That is a very lady like outfit, in the best sort of way. This a woman who embraces her womanly curves.

Geri Halliwell at the Elle Style Awards
It looks great on her, very peppy.

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