Agree with Ally – everything’s right here. Love all the …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Carey Mulligan in Prada by Liz.

Agree with Ally – everything’s right here. Love all the hardware stitched to the dress – makes it more edgy than many of the other dresses on show. And it’s always nice to see short hair for a change!

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Michelle Williams in shorts at the Independent Spirit Awards
Love this look, and think that with the heels, makeup etc. it doesn’t look too schoolboyish. Nothing wrong with a bit of androgyny anyway (not too much though). The tux-like jacket is fab here too.

Can a boilersuit be “sexy”?
1) Moronic SMS-lingo reflects badly on its writer (unless you’re actually writing an SMS, of course, which doesn’t seem to be the case here). Just saying.
2) If indeed “ur wearing 1 4 yo man” the wearer needs their head examined. Why should any man dictate what you wear? Why would you let him?

Style Trial: Jennifer Aniston at the L.A. premiere of Wanderlust
Agree – and leather-trimmed herringbone at that. I’m old too. Who cares? đŸ™‚

Bootcut jeans are more popular than skinnies, says eBay
Skinnies and straights for me, with the emphasis on skinny (but not ultra-skinny). Like Natasha, I’m short & fairly slim and find them best for me. I get the straights from Germany – a brand called Angels – that are the best-fitting jeans I’ve ever found. They’re quite slim but not skinny and not too low-cut.

Five Things The Fashion Police Would Never Wear
I’m with you on the frilly/girly stuff – I’m more of an androgynous type as that’s what suits me best. Also agree on flowery jumpsuits or flowery anything in fact, although they can look cool on other people. Unlike you, I do love hats though. Oh yes. But androgynous is de rigueur.

Other than that I agree with the others when they say no drop crotch/crocs/uggs/visible underwear and so on. Just never.

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