Beautiful dress, is all I can say. …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2010 Oscars: Anna Kendrick by natalie.

Beautiful dress, is all I can say.

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Florence Welch in white lace at the Sanderson Hotel
Everything just seems to be wrong here…The pose, the shress, the shoes. Reminds me a bit of Alexa Chung.

Nordstrom presents Nine West fashion show and the Tangle Sandal
I love them. 🙂

UHM…WHAT? The pants look cheap as though they have been made from garbage bags, and the top…oh well. Really terrible, compared to the other girls.

Hair, make-up and shoes are lovely. The dress, however, is a wardrobe malfunction straining to happen.

That is just…devastatingly beautiful. The shoes are amazing. *drools*

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