Sorry. And the makeup looks horrid. …

Comment on Fashion Police at the 2009 Oscars: Jennifer Aniston in Valentino by Diana.

And the makeup looks horrid.

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Style on Trial: Jennifer Lopez in drop-crotch pants
GUILTY. From the first time I saw her, I knew what she was wearing.. but also, I thought how nice her outfit would have looked if she was wearing a skirt.

Dress of the Day: Tahari by Arthur S. Levine roll collar dress
I love this dress!!

Style on Trial: Geri Halliwell at the premiere of The Boat That Rocked
Nope. She looks uncomfortable, and I think the top is too revealing cause she is already showing her beautiful legs.

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This dress is fab!! totally love it!

A letter from the editor…
Amber, I love your site, keep it up.
That puppy is soo cute 🙂

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