Fashion Police Love/Hate

Lovehate It’s Friday, so before you log off for the weekend, let’s tale a look at all of the things your faithful Fashion Police have been loving and loathing this week…


* Navy. On everything. Sweaters, dresses, cardigans, skirts, outerwear.  It gives a nod towards nautical, but it’s not too twee. Love you, navy!

* Trench Coats. Sometimes it’s hard being in The Fashion Police, because we start lusting after the things we write about. Trenches are great transitional pieces, so good to have in stock just in case winter ever ends.

* Silk scarves in spring colours. They look great with the trench coats. And with everything else…

* Bright red lipstick. Yes, we’re having a Gwen Stefani moment. Well, can you blame us?


* Shops full of summer clothes, when it’s still snowing outside. No, we can’t wait for summer either, but we can’t even contemplate summer dresses and flip flops when we’re still wearing our thermals, and will be for another few weeks at least.

* Fashion Week. Can we say "burnout"?

* Celebrity ‘Fashion’ designers. Avril Lavigne for Kohls? *Yawn*

* Uggs worn with tracksuits. When will people learn that this is a onep-way ticket to "Looking-Like-Britney-Spears-ville?

What have you been loving and hating this week?

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