Fashion Police at the BET Awards: Vivica Fox


I have to confess that, not being "down" with what you kids are into these days, I had to Google Vivica Fox to find out who the hell she was. I now know who she is, but I’m afraid that, by virtue of this train wreck of an outfit, she will forever more be known to me as "that chick who worse the slutty dress to the BET Awards". Sorry, Vivica – but can we say "too much with the accessorising"? Way too much with the accessorising… (and yes, I know it’s all part of the dress but still, the criticism stands)

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  • June 27, 2007


    That’s such a horrible outfit! I thought it was an old photo from the 1980’s with all the overdone glitz and big hair. She was so cool on Dancing with the Stars, now it looks like she’s just trying to look too young.

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