Time Magazine reveals the 10 fashion ‘must haves’ of 2007. Fashion Police beg to differ – but only on some of ’em

Tentdress As it gets to the end of the year, it’s time for a whole lotta list-making. Time Magazine are one of the first off the fashion mark, with their list of what they claim were the top ten "must have" fashion items of 2007. Here’s the list in full, along with our take on things…

1. The Tent Dress

No. No, no, no. We say it again: NO.  Look, if it’s got the word "tent" in it, it’s meant for sleeping in and, you know, camping. And actually, some of those dresses could easily have accommodated a family of four, or even more. We held a fashion amnesty on sack-like dresses back in March, and we stand by what we said. Time Magazine may point out that this was "the perfect silhouette to beat the summer heat and gracefully disguise any extra pounds". We say, "Yes, but it made everyone look pregnant, so we’ll take the summer heat, thanks very much."

2. White Sunglasses

White sunglasses never really made it onto the fashion radar here at Fashion Police HQ, and that was probably because our oversized black sunnies obscured our vision and stopped us seeing what was right in front of us. We don’t think we missed much though: we have no particular beef with the white sunglasses, but we reckon they were a flash in the fashion pan. Black sunglasses forever!

3. High waist jeans

You know, if we never have to hear another phrase in our lives, we hope that phrase is "high waist jeans". They caused controversy at The Fashion Police throughout the year, and while we nailed our colours firmly to the fashion mast, declaring that you’d have to prise our low-riders off our cold, dead legs, some of you fell in love with the high-rises and weren’t afraid to tell us all about it. My favourite comment came from FlaviaR, back in June, who said:

"Ugly jeans are low-riders: they are GUARANTEED to make *anyone* look pregnant. In fact, that’s why they are popular again, just like in the 70’s. Whenever there is a war, there is a subconscious panic that sets in about replacing the war dead, and the trend becomes that women should look pregnant. The flowing-from-a bra style tops out there do just that, as well."

I think Jul summed this up best with the word "WHAT?"

The ‘High-Waist-Lover’ also gave us a firm slap-down, snootily informing us (God, we love us some snooty people) that high-waists were all part of Dior’s New Look, therefore they MUST look good. Sadly, though, we couldn’t bring ourselves to give a crap about that, so moving on…

4. Day clutches

Not much to say to this one, except "Oh hell, yes!" Instance elegance added to any outfit. (Note: except this one.)

5. Ankle boots

Undoubtedly the big shoe trend of ’07 we saw both the good and the bad side of it over the year. Ultimately, though, we’re all for a bit of ankle boot action. Just as long as they don’t have peep toes.

6. Waistcoats

Time call them "vests", but those of us in the UK call them waistcoats, and there sure were a lot of them around. This was part of the whole "menswear" look that became popular this winter, and while Iwe can’t quite get on board with menswear, we are quite partial to a nice, fitted waistcoat…

7. Fedoras

I frightened myself back in the summer by finding myself admiring Lindsay Lohan’s rather nice range in Fedoras. That I appreciated her dress, too, made this a double whammy. Beloved of Victoria Beckham, who was often seen in one on her way through Heathrow, these also became beloved of The Fashion Police when we realised they were a much more stylish option than the baseball hat when we went on our summer holidays and almost burned our scalps.

8. Bright tights

It certainly has been the year of the tights, hasn’t it? Which kind of makes us wonder what the hell we were all wearing before? The bright tights brightened up our lives, for sure, but in October we came to realise that bright tights were a weapon to be used with care, after American Apparel got a bit carried away with the whole concept and started churning out tights with different coloured legs.

9. Red Lipstick

Dollface would be best placed to stand in judgment on this one, so we asked her, and she said: "Hubba hubba!" So we think she likes it. Either that or she’s been at the Christmas booze already.

10. Cocktail rings

Well, let’s just say that the fact that I now own about ten of these – five of which don’t even fit me properly – probably bears testament to how much I love ’em. Don’t ever go away, cocktail rings: you make our fingers look small and ladylike, and we like the way you clink against our champagne glasses, and are pretty and bright. In fact, we’re already planning to buy some more…

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  • December 22, 2007


    Another defender of the high waist here, but within reason. I’m talking navel-ish height, not clear north of the ribcage (don’t laugh, I’ve seen it). Well fitted, they work on me. I’ve got a bit of a Dunlop (my tummy dun’lopped over my waistband), so a slightly higher rise does me some favors. But if your abs are flat, hey, you have my support (and envy)!
    As for the rest of the list, we’re in agreement. Anything that can be described with the phrase “muu-muu” I want NO part of.

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