Crime of Fashion: Urban Outfitters’ Luxe Rose Quilted Yoke Dress


Words just don’t describe it, do they? Well, OK, they do: Urban Outfitters say: "All over print dress with quilted yoke on front and back, and finished with neck ties that you can wear long and loose or in a lady like bow."

We say: "Which lady will you be like, though UO? Perhaps that batshit crazy old cat lady who’s about 102 and all the neighbourhood kids think is a witch? Because that’s totally who would wear this dress?"

What do you say?

(It’s just been reduced to £9.99, by the way. No, we can’t understand it either…)


  • November 18, 2007

    inga jobob

    All I can say is…WHY??? WHY would you want to look like a decade of ugly clothing (aka the 80’s) puked on you after ton of drinking at a Kegger! WHo is MAD enough to wear this! Someone on drugs (aka Britney) or maybe Sienna Miller would give it a go!? NASTY

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  • November 19, 2007


    Reduced from £55 to £9.99. Haha!
    I’m not even quite sure what this is. It looks like the major work of a high school home economics or art student. More to be “interesting “and “creative”, than to actually be attractive.

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  • November 19, 2007


    All I keep thinking is how much that model looks like Ashlee Simpson. Sorry I got distracted, the dress was to ugly to look at.

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