Fashion Police for the Boys: The Utilikilt

Utilikilt Despite being based in Scotland, The Fashion Police do not count themselves amongst those women who go weak at the knees over Men in Kilts. Our reasons for this are twofold:

1. Kilts are made of tartan.
The Fashion Police have no love for the tartan, the Clashy McClash thing it is.

2. Most men don’t know how to wear skirts.
It’s true. You see, we women know that you move and sit differently in a skirt or dress than you do in a pair of trousers, say. It’s like one of those instinctual, feminine things we’re all born with. Men, however, do not know this. So if you ever go to a Scottish wedding, you’ll see a lot of men siting around in kilts with their legs splayed wide open, or standing in a kind of "ape" posture, in a bid to compensate for the fact that they are, in fact, wearing a skirt. "This is no skirt!" they seem to say. "This is a KILT, and by God, I am a MAN in it. Rawr!"

Of course, all of this has absolutely nothing to do with the picture above, because this is not a kilt, it’s a Utilikilt, and instead of the ubiquitous tartan, it’s made of a poly-cotton blend, with pockets. So, it’s kind of a cross between a kilt and a pair of cargo pants. Those ancient Scottish warriors could only have dreamed of such a thing.

Like it? Loathe it? Want to buy one for the man in your life?   

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