The dress! …

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The dress!

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Fashion Police Poll: Visible bra straps – how bad are they REALLY?
I used to really, really hate it but now it’s not really bothering me so much – particularly if it’s a black bra and a black tank-top. Ripped and or-dirty bras are a whole different thing though.

Faith shoe sale now on, Fashion Police excited
Buy them. They are wonderful and they seem almost a neutral, I’m sure oyu could wear them with all sorts of things!…and you cannot go wrong at that price!

Fashion Thanksgiving
You’ll be happy to know that here in Canada ( Toronto in particular) they have “winterized” Crocs. I didn’t want to get to close to them, but they appear to have a fleece-like lining and fur embellishments.
They are really worse than they sound.

Victoria Beckham buys a Marks and Spencer leather dress – and so does everyone else, apparently
That dress frightens me a bit….and reminds me that I need to take the trash out to the curb tonight.
and how uncomfortable must a leather dress be!

Fashion Rules on Trial: Mixed metallics
I think the dress and the shoes would look terrible together. but mixing jewelery doesn’t bother me that much. i think it can add some interest if you layer things like bracelets or necklaces.

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