Crime of Fashion: Corset handbags

Corsetbag After writing yesterday about how there aren’t too many crimes of fashion that handbag designers can really commit, Laura reminded me of one of the worst crimes of handbag fashion of all : the corset bag.

These became crazily popular a few years ago, and I’m damned if I know why, because they were as fugly as bag can be. Aiming for Moulin Rougue style glamour (I assume), but actually tawdrier than Britney on a bad day, these were made to look like boudoir style corsets – because you know how accesories that look like lingerie are always way classy, right? Some had bits of fake fur sticking out the top of the "corset". Some even had boobs. Alarmingly, little girls started using them to carry around whatever it is that little girls need to carry (corsets, apparently), and it was then that we knew the whole "corset bag" trend had gone badly, badly wrong.

This is actually one of the better examples of the "corset handbag" genre, but I’m glad to say that corset bags are something of an endangered species these days. Now we just have corset backpacks to content with instead…

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