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Fashion Police Book Review: The Meaning of Sunglasses, by Hadley Freeman

The_meaning_of_sunglasses We don’t generally review books here at The Fashion Police, but as this one really should be required reading for all Fashion Police cadets, we’re making an exception for it…

The book in question is The Meaning of Sunglasses, by the Guardian’s deputy fashion editor, Hadley Freeman, and is is, at the subtitle says, " A guide to (almost) all things fashionable," taking a humorous look at the world of fashion, from A (Accessories, going to hell in a handbag) to Z (Well, actually there is no ‘Z’, so the book ends with Y: Yoga). Hilarious and insightful, I found myself nodding frantically in agreement at many of Freeman’s wise words, a sample of which can be found right after the jump.

On slogan t-shirts and animal print…

"Contrary to what your mother told you, and outfit’s level of tackiness has nothing to do with hem heights, heel inches or skirt tightness: it has to do with the obviousness of the message… We have long gone past the point of just undoing that extra blouse button and entered into the generation of slogganed t-shirts. Girls, if your t-shirt has to say it, you ain’t it, and if has to say it twenty times, you never will be…"

On ‘ironic’ fashion statements…

"…irony is a tone that is best delivered orally, not visually. Thus the majority of ‘ironic’ fashion statements tend to look pretty literal as opposed to cleverly sardonic."

On logos…

"Designer logos are a reassuring pat on the head to those who are so devoid if any confidence in their own taste that they rely on the name of someone who they’ve never met…to make them feel like they have made a good purchase."

Bravo, Hadley! Wise words to live by indeed, and even if you don’t agree with Ms Freeman’s opinions, her books should still bring a smile to your face at the very least, just like fashion itself. As for the meaning of sunglasses, well, you’ll just have to read it and find out, won’t you?

Buy: The Meaning of Sunglasses, by Hadley Freeman 

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