Wear or Die, celebrity edition: Keyshia Cole v. Piper Perabo


Beige is back, apparently. Over the last few days we’ve seen celebrity after celebrity looking almost nude as they trip out onto the red carpet in the colour that really isn’t much of a colour at all. Now, I like beige. It can look great if worn well, or it can also look… well, it can also look like the outfits worn by Keyshia Cole and Piper Perabo, above. Now, maybe you like these outfits, maybe you don’t. My question to you though, is: if you had to wear one of these outfits, or die, which one would you choose? The "bra over t-shirt" look sported by Keyshia (no, that’s not what she’s really wearing – it just looks like it) or the shapeless sack of Piper’s?

For myself, I think I’d go with Keyshia’s look. There’s an outside chance of being able to pull this one off, and as "quirky" outfits go, I think she’s managing it not too badly. Piper’s sack dress, on the other hand, would make me look like I was drowning in a sea of beige, and that’s never a good look.

Enough about me, though. What about you? Which outfit would you wear… or DIE!

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