Fashion Peeves: Ugly Zippers

We like this dress. It’s simple, yes: probably too simple for those of you who like your fashion to be “unexpected”. (Drinking game, anyone?) But we love the colour, and it’s one of those great, easy to wear shapes, which mean you can – and we hate to sound like a fashion magazine here, but it’s true – dress it up or down as required.

But this dress hides a terrible secret, readers. Behold, the exposed back zip!

Awww! Dorothy Perkins, WHY? We feel like stamping our feet like little children now, and throwing all of our toys out of the pram because this single feature has just stopped us wanting to buy this dress. Our fingers froze on the “buy now” button. And, you know, we’re not totally against exposed zippers. We understand that a concealed zip is trickier, and thus more expensive to create, and that sometimes that’s an extra expense you just can’t expect the makers of a £40 dress to go to. And sometimes the exposed zip can look good. Sometimes.

Not this time, though, because for the love of Gaga, does it HAVE to be so very big and black? If they couldn’t have done a concealed zip, could they not at least have made a smaller, less obtrusive one, maybe in a colour that would’ve worked better with the dress, and not stood out like… an exposed back zip?

To be fair to Dotty P, they’re not the only ones at the Ugly Exposed Zipper game these days. Actually, we quite regularly come across pretty dresses ruined with a gigantic zip, which jars so much with the design that it looks like it belongs on a different dress altogether.

It’s a minor thing, really. It’s a peeve, rather than a fashion crime. But it still makes us stabby.

(Click here if you want to buy the dress anyway.)

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