The biggest fashion mystery of our times

teddy beardress

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Sad times are upon us, Fashion Force. This week we finally realised that as long as there are people willing to wear dresses trimmed with teddy bears – and to pay £1174 for the privilege – the world will never be free from crimes of fashion.

You might think that’s a good thing, of course. How boring would it be, after all, if everyone was impeccably dressed and stylish all the time, and no one ever wore a single teddy bear attached to their dress? It would be dull, to be sure. Fashion crimes make the world a far more interesting place – and they also make brands like Moschino a whole lot of money, because, as we say, £1174. For a dress with a collection of teddy bears sewn onto the collar. That Moschino can keep on doing this kind of thing – and keep on persuading people to pay SO MUCH MONEY for it – is the greatest fashion mystery of recent times, surely?

(The bears are wearing t-shirts. The t-shirts read, “This is not a Moschino toy”. Which is ironic, because it IS a Moschino toy! Do you see what they did there? Of course you did: they’ve been making this same joke – or variations of it – for years now, and people still seem to be lapping it up, so maybe the joke’s on US now, and we’re the only ones out there still  not getting the appeal of spending thousands of dollars on clothes that will always just be a bit of a joke. And we’re NOT joking about the “thousands of pounds” bit, either, by the way: witness –

gold Moschino coat

It’s £5,239. Which actually makes us think we might be in the wrong business, really. Maybe a life of (fashion) really is the way forward after all…

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