Crimes of Fashion, Outerwear

What Up? It’s a crushed silver jacket by Rojas, that’s what…


Continuing with our occasional series of "hilarious model expressions" we bring you Rojas’ silver ‘What Up’ jacket (no, the ‘What Up’ bit in the title there wasn’t just our pitiful attempt to be hip, it’s actually the name of the jacket), modeled here by a young lady who’s either trying to look a bit hard, or who’s desperately communicating to us her utter distaste for the shiny jacket she finds herself trapped in. We say it’s the second option.

This crime was reported by Meg, of The Bargain Queens, who says, "I can’t tell if she’s trying to get out of a metallic straight-jacket or trying to screw her head back on." We’re not sure either, but we love her for it, whichever it is…

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