Fashion Gripes: Stock issues at Miss Selfridge

Miss_selfridge_dress Miss Selfridge? We need to talk.

Remember this dress? It appeared on your website back in March, and we liked it so much we made it a Dress of the Day. But the stock, it was low, and the dress, it sold out, so we never did get our sticky little hands on this object of drop-pocket gorgeousness.

Then, this week, the dress came back.

You can only imagine our excitement, Miss Selfridge, as we feverishly navigated the site, our breath coming short and sharp as we checked whether it was available in the size we wanted.

It was not.

Here’s the thing, though, Miss Selfridge. This dress? Is not available in ANY size on your website. At all. So, unless you have them in store, and you may well do (Although that’s not much use to us either, because we don’t have a store near us), no one can buy this dress.

Why? Why is it on the website if you don’t have any stock? Is it just there to taunt us? To show us what we’re missing? We have no idea. But it really doesn’t look like there’s a drop-pocket dress in our future…


  • April 23, 2008


    It’s in my store in Middlesbrough (or was yesterday).

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  • April 23, 2008


    I hate it when that happens. Topshop is an offender too.

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  • April 23, 2008


    I want this dress so bad, it’s quite stupid.
    Anyway, if anyone’s a size 10….
    Beware scams though, i hold no responsibility!

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