Fashion Gripes # 1: Size ranges


Question: why can’t fashion retailers just make the same styles available across all of their size ranges? I keep finding myself lusting after items from the ‘Tall’ range lately, which, being short, I can’t actually wear, and which turn out not to be available in "regular" sizes. Ditto ‘Petite’ ranges, which are just that bit too short for me, but which sometimes contain items which aren’t available in "regular".

I’m pretty sure that people who are tall and petite probably find themselves wanting to buy styles that are only available in "regular", too, so what gives, retailers? Why can’t you make the same clothes available to all your customers?


  • March 6, 2008


    I agree. The same theory can be extended to larger or smaller sizes – within reason!
    Theoretically it’s less of a problem for those shorter people wanting “tall” sizes. Being tall, I can’t tell you how many times a day I wish to punch some girl in the face because she bought tall jeans and just altered the cuffs, and when I get to the store I can find no tall sizes. Grr. I guess if they had everything in all sizes, I would have less competition and less violent thoughts 🙂

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  • March 7, 2008


    I hate regular and tall clothes. They have many more ranges and stuff available. I can never find any of that stuff in petite. I can’t help it if I’m short. It’s not fair!

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  • March 10, 2008


    Dorothy Perkins are a prime example of this: Lovely things in the regular sizes, jeans and black trousers in the tall range. When will they learn that we tall girls want to wear other items besides jeans and black trousers?

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