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Fashion Gripes: Having to handwash jeans. And everything else.


The attractive picture above? Oh, that’s just the water in my bath after I washed my black skinny jeans in it last week. Yes, I wash my jeans in the bath. Well, the sinks at Fashion Police HQ are tiny, and the jeans, they are long, so the bath seems to be the best option.

I mean, clearly the washing machine would be the absolute best option. I can’t stand having to hand wash denim: it gets so heavy when it’s wet, and it really hurts my back having to bend over the bath to wring them out, but it has to be done. And why does it have to be done? Because every time I’ve tried to wash my black or indigo coloured jeans in the washing machine recently, they’ve come out grey. Even when I wash them on the lowest possible temperature, on the delicate cycle. Hand washing in cold water, then, seems to be the only way to keep denim looking its best. And that kinda sucks.

The brown fluid you can see in the bath there, you see? Is not dirt: I’m not that filthy. No, that’s the dye coming out of the jeans. There’s a lot of it, isn’t there? So much, that if I washed these jeans with something that wasn’t uniformly black itself, it would be by the time the jeans had finished with it. And even if I washed the jeans alone, in the washing machine, I’m willing to bet they’d lose a lot more dye than that, and would come out grey.

So handwashing it is. *Sigh*.

I should probably point out here that I don’t buy particularly cheap jeans, and that the "turning grey" issue has happened to me with a couple of different brands now, hence the "having to treat my jeans like small, delicate children at bath time" thing.

What about you? Do you hand wash your jeans, or do you risk them in the machine?

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